September 11, 2009

Would A Lawsuit Get Someone's Attention In Lincoln County, MS ?


How many accidents have to happen until something is done to correct the problem? Apparently 36 accidents at the intersection of Hwy. 84 with Jackson-Liberty Drive since 2006 is not enough to get the job done. IF THAT DOESN'T DO IT, THEN WHAT DOES? How many people have to be killed and/or injured for life before the problem is corrected? The intersection know as Laird's Crossing is causing a controversy in the county. The sheriff has written a letter to MDOT; the board of supervisors is about to write a letter to MDOT; the local fire dept. has obtained about 5,500 signatures on a petition calling for major change at the deadly intersection;the daily newspaper published an article about the intersection accidents; and MDOT is PLANNING a sizeable project. turned over suv.jpg

Well, how many more people have to die while some committee has a bunch of meetings PLANNING the project? The president of the board said: "y'all don't see it, but we do - we're the ones who have to drag the dead bodies out of the cars."

A dip in the road hides cars on the highway which blocks the view of that vehicle when someone attempts to cross the highway. Local authorities want a four way stop sign put up NOW, but MDOT wants to study the matter. Go figure. I wonder how long MDOT would study the matter if the families of the people who were killed or severely injured in accidents at this intersection filed a lawsuit against MDOT for failure to correct a known dangerous condition for a long time? I bet that a four way stop sign would be constructed overnight the day after a lawsuit was filed.

IF you know of someone who has been injured or killed by the negligence of MDOT or any other Governmental agency, and would like to discuss your legal rights, call Paul Snow now at 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We do not charge any attorney fees unless we recover for you. Don't wait until it is too late to talk with an attorney who specializes in accident cases. We represent clients all over MS including Lincoln county, Hinds county, Madison county, Rankin county and Warren county.american flag.jpg

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September 10, 2009

Police Deceived Regarding Bridge Wreck Near Natchez, MS


A vehicle was trying to pass other vehicles on the shoulder of MS River bridge and caused an accident. The alleged driver fled the scene into a wooded area in Natchez, MS. The other passengers named the wrong person as the driver. The case is still under investigation.

Anyone who was injured by the phantom's driver's negligence can make a claim against the owner of that vehicle's insurance company, in addition to making a claim against their own insurance company for uninsured motorists benefits. This would be considered a hit-and-run accident since the driver fled the scene of the accident which is covered under most car insurance policies.

If you know of someone who was involved in a hit-and-run accident, call Paul Snow now to discuss your legal rights. We offer a FREE consultation to see whether or not you have a case. Call 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We represent clients all over MS and LA in all kinds of accident cases including Natchez, Clarksdale, Ridgeland, Greenwood and Laurel.

August 31, 2009

One Killed And Two Injured In Biloxi, MS Boating Under The Influence Accident


Donald Bernius was arrested and charged with boating under the influence in an accident on the Tchoutacabouffa River near Biloxi, MS. Christopher Webb was thrown overboard and died as a result of the boating accident. His brother, Shane Webb, was hospitalized with serious injuries. The accident happened when the at fault boater was trying to get away from a marine patrol officer and hit the other boat head-on.

Anyone who was hurt by this drunk boat driver can make a claim against this person's insurance company. BUT, be careful who you make a claim against and what you say happened. The driver's homeowner's policy and car policy will probably not apply to this boating accident; but, the boat policy may provide liability insurance for the accident if it is not excluded from the policy. The boat insurance company may try to claim that since their driver was in the process of a crime, i.e., fleeing an officer, then there is no coverage. IF that happens , then the family of Mr. Webb should consult with a Mississippi Accident Lawyer as soon as possible to protect the families rights.

Also, the bar or alcohol establishment who sold the alcohol to the driver may also be sued for contributing to the accident. You would have to prove that the driver was visibly intoxicated when he bought the alcohol in order to recover against the bar. This is called liquor liability.

If the boater did not have any insurance, then the family may make a claim against their own boat policy for uninsured benefits if they bought that type of coverage on their policy.

This could end up being a complicated case. An attorney with experience in these types of cases is crucial. Our law office has been handling cases like this for over 30 years and has extensive experience in successfully settling these types of cases for our clients.If you would like a FREE consultation, call Paul Snow at 601-969-1977 or 1-800-640-4478 or contact us online. We do not charge any attorney fees unless we recover for you. Call now before it is too late.

August 25, 2009



A loved one's death caused by the carelessness or negligence of someone else is very distressing. A loved one has died and those who loved him or her suffer an injustice. The people counting on the deceased to provide companionship, a source of income, and other necessities find themselves vulnerable on many levels, but do not know what to do. The Law Office of Paul Snow can help.

The term "wrongful death" includes the claims of wives, husbands, children, brothers, sisters, and parents when the negligence of someone else causes the death of a family member. Wrongful death claims include every type of accidental death, no matter the specific cause.

The death of a loved one because of another person's carelessness entitles you to the right to recover monetary damages. No amount of money can compensate you fully for the loss of your loved one, but the law allows you to recover damages for emotional distress, plus money to pay for any funeral expenses and to replace any income.

If you believe you have a claim for wrongful death, you should call our office for help. There is never a charge for discussing your case. If we take your case, there is a never a fee until we win.

Damages or financial compensation recoverable in wrongful death lawsuits varies by jurisdiction. Recoverable damages may include:

Loss of future earnings the deceased would have contributed;
Loss of financial benefits from the death, including retirement or pension benefits;
Expenses associated with the death, including medical and burial or funeral costs;
Pain, suffering or mental anguish suffered by the decedent;
Loss of love, society and companionship by the survivors;and
Punitive damages intended to punish wrongdoers and to prevent them from harming others.

In Mississippi, the law imposes a statute of limitations which sets a maximum amount of time that legal proceedings can occur after the accident. People with legitimate cases who wait too long to file a wrongful death claim for the loss of a loved one risk being ineligible for any compensation for their loss.

We have helped many families who lost loved ones (dads, moms, children, siblings) in accidents. These claims usually come under one of the other headings like car accidents, products liability or medical negligence, but we believe it deserves special mention because we have developed a special sense of caring for those with such losses. We have obtained settlements or verdicts in the millions for wrongful death claims.

If your loved one has died due to a wrongful act or negligent action of someone else, you may be eligible for compensation under the law. Call us at 1-800-640-4478, or contact us online for a free consultation. We represent clients all over MS and LA including Jackson, Gulfport, Biloxi, Hattiesburg, Greenville, Meridian, Tupelo, Southaven, Vicksburg, Pascagoula, Columbus, Clinton, Pearl, Starkville, Olive Branch, Clarksdale, Ridgeland, Natchez, Greenwood, Laurel, New Orleans, and Baton Rouge.

August 24, 2009

18 Wheeler Hits Bridge In Biloxi, Mississippi


An 18 wheeler tractor-trailer truck jack-knifed and hit a bridge on I-10 near exit 41 in Biloxi, MS spilling diesel fuel all over the highway. Hazardous material crews were called out to clean up the spilled fuel.8-10-09 acc.jpg

Fatigued drivers are the most common cause of 18 wheeler accidents. The company pushes the drivers to drive long hours even though the federal motor carrier safety regulations require that the driver take a break after working so many hours. This regulation is violated constantly by the truckers by fixing their log book to reflect that they took a break when in fact they did not.

We have been suing 18 wheeler companies for over 30 years and have obtained numerous multi-million dollar verdicts at trial and settlements before trial. Experience in handling these cases is vital to obtaining the maximum settlement. Knowledge of the federal regulations and how they apply is crucial in handling 18 wheeler accidents.

If you know of someone who has been injured or killed in an 18 wheeler or big truck accident, call Paul Snow now to discuss your legal rights at 601-969-1977 or 1-800-640-4478 or contact us online. You can talk with Paul Snow FREE of charge to see whether or not you have a case. Do not wait until it is too late to make a claim. Compare Paul Snow's track record with anyone else's in MS.

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August 23, 2009

Three Car Accidents Within One Hour In Laurel, MS


There were three car accidents within one hour in and near Laurel, Mississippi. The first accident occurred when a Ford Explorer made a turn in front of a 1999 Lincoln Town Car at the intersection of Hwy. 84 and 184. Gladys Breland was driving the Lincoln. Two victims had serious and critical injuries. One injured was taken to Forrest General Hospital in critical condition.slippery.jpg

In the second accident, a female driver was ejected from her SUV which rolled down an embankment. Both she and another passenger were taken to the local hospital for injuries.

The third accident involved a head-on collision on Lower Myrick Road.

If you know of someone who has been injured or killed in an accident and would like to know your legal rights, call Paul Snow now to ask any questions that you may have at 601-969-1977. This is a FREE consultation. You may also contact us online if you prefer. We represent clients in all kinds of accidents ONE CASE AT A TIME.

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August 22, 2009

Iuka, MS Woman Killed In Train Accident In Alabama


Sandra Lomenick of Iuka, Mississippi was killed in a car-train accident in Huntsville, AL. while riding as a passenger in a 2002 Ford Focus driven by Glenn Henry Brown. Brown collided with a Norfolk Southern train at the Mill Creek Loop crossing. Brown was flown to Huntsville hospital where he was put into the neurological ICU. Ms. Lomenick was pronounced dead at the scene.train wreck.jpg

Who could sue whom and why? The family of Ms. Lomenick can sue the driver of her car for failure to keep a proper lookout and the railroad company for improper maintenance of the crossing, assuming that an approaching driver's view was blocked as he approached the crossing. The driver can also make a claim against the railroad company for improper maintenance of the crossing.

If you know of someone who has been injured or killed at a railroad crossing call Paul Snow to discuss your legal rights FREE of charge at 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We represent clients all over who have been involved in any type of accident, including car accidents, truck accidents, train accidents, bus accidents, boat accidents, motorcycle accidents, 18 wheeler accidents, and accidents against drunk drivers. Do not wait until it is too late to talk with an attorney. Call now to find out your legal rights.

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August 21, 2009

Columbus, MS Officer Injured In Accident


Patrolman Lance Luckey was not so lucky when he was rear-ended by Robbin Glover. Glover was driving south in a white 1996 Dodge extended cab pickup truck when Glover took his eyes off of the road to look at his cell phone. When Glover looked up again, it was too late and he hit the 1995 Ford F-150 driven by Luckey. Luckey was sent to the local hospital in Columbus, MS.

Cell phones are an extremely dangerous distraction when someone is trying to drive a vehicle safely down the highway. Drivers need to be extra careful of what they are doing when they check their cell phone while driving. Just looking at your cell phone is dangerous as attested to by this accident. If you try to push some buttons on your cell phone, it is more distracting and takes more time and effort to complete. The law should be changed to allow for double damages against anyone who causes an accident as a result of a cell phone.

If you know of someone who has been involved in an accident when the driver was using a cell phone, call Paul Snow now to discuss your case FREE of charge at 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We represent clients all over MS and LA including Clarksdale, Ridgeland, Natchez, Greenwood, Laurel, New Orleans and Baton Rouge.

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August 20, 2009



For over 34 years, Paul Snow has handled motor vehicle accidents, collisions and crashes involving cars, trucks, buses, trains, bicycles, motorcycles, and pedestrians who have been injured or killed as a result of someone else's negligence. Paul Snow has successfully handled claims against various government entities regarding road defects and poor road design. Our firm also handles claims or injuries caused by defective designs in automobiles, crash worthiness of vehicles, defective tires, seat belts and car seats, including infant seats.paul snow.jpg

At our firm, not only do we look into the amount of insurance coverage that was in effect on the wrongdoer's vehicle, but we also look into whether he or she was covered by any additional insurance through his/her employment. We look into whether there is any medical payment coverage or uninsured motorist coverage that may provide additional insurance coverage.

We have experienced investigators who go out and investigate auto accidents shortly after we are contacted. Remember, from the minute an accident occurs, the insurance company is already investigating the accident. They are attempting to gather any evidence that will lower their exposure to pay a potential claim. By contacting a lawyer immediately, you will have someone working for you and gathering evidence on your behalf which will include photographs, possible witness statements, and the accident report and finding out whether there is insurance coverage available.

Our experienced attorneys handle motor vehicle accidents which occur for any reason from a head-on collision, t-bone crash, sideswipe, tire blow-out, rear-end collision, hydroplaning, obstructed view by other vehicles, failure to yield right of way, speeding, cell phone use, inattentive driving, hit-and-run driving, and drunk driving.

The most important thing after an accident is to make sure all occupants are treated for their injuries. Most people wonder whether or not the accident will be covered by someone's insurance company. Your Mississippi accident lawyer will be able to determine any and all available resources for recovery. A list of common questions are:

• What happens if the person that caused the accident does not have insurance?
• Am I covered by my insurance policy if I drive someone else's car?
• Are other people covered by my insurance policy if they drive my car?

If you are involved in a car accident in Mississippi or anywhere else and don't know the answer to these questions, we can help you. You should immediately contact a Mississippi accident lawyer who is experienced and well-versed in the law. The most important thing is to pick up the phone and ask for help. It will not cost you anything to talk to a Mississippi accident lawyer. The insurance company has someone investigating the accident right now. You need someone on your side immediately. Call Paul Snow now.

Paul Snow can help you determine who we believe to be at fault in the accident. We will look to a number of sources to help you determine liability, including but not limited to, statements made at the scene by witnesses and the parties, the investigating officer's accident report, and possibly, accident reconstruction experts and/or highway design/maintenance experts.

If you know of anybody that has been injured or killed in an auto accident, you will need to seek immediate medical attention and legal advice. It is very important to seek medical attention immediately following the accident to assess your injuries, begin the healing process, and to prevent secondary injuries from occurring. Once you begin receiving the medical care you need, you should contact a knowledgeable and experienced Mississippi accident attorney who can explain your legal situation to you in a manner that you can understand and feel comfortable with. Paul Snow has handled thousands of car accident cases throughout Mississippi and Louisiana.

Mississippi law gives auto accident victims just a limited amount of time from the time of the accident to file a personal injury lawsuit against the negligent parties. It is important to obtain the proper legal representation right away while the evidence is preserved, witness testimonies are still fresh, and there is time to properly investigate and pursue your case.

Our litigation attorneys have the reputation for providing zealous, aggressive representation in pursuit of justice for our clients. In many cases, this means obtaining the maximum financial recovery that your injuries warrant under Mississippi law.

Paul Snow's law firm handles a select number of cases at a time because we want to dedicate all of our time, experience and resources to the clients that we represent. We limit the number of clients that we handle each year. Each of our cases receives the hands-on attention and skills of our attorneys. It is important that you do not try to negotiate a settlement with the insurance company of the negligent party without talking to Paul Snow first.

It does not cost any money out of your pocket to hire our law firm. Our law firm handles all injury and death claims on a contingency fee basis. That means that you do not pay anything unless we recover for you. Our contract is the same for all cases. We will spend whatever it takes to maximize your recovery. Don't be fooled by the TV attorneys. Compare our track record to theirs.

If you know of someone who has been injured or killed in a car accident, please call Paul Snow for advice and help at 601-969-1977 or 1-800-640-4478, or contact us online.

August 19, 2009



General Motors recalled about 185,000 small GM, Chevrolet and Isuzu pickup trucks because of a defect in the brake light that may contribute to accidents. GM stated in their defect notice that "some of these vehicles have a brake lamp switch that may not work as designed due to contamination in the switch. This could cause the loss of all brake lamps, or cause all of the brake lamps to stay on continuously. Both of these conditions could fail to warn others of the driver's intentions and could lead to a vehicle crash."recall.jpg

Dealers will replace the part free of charge. The recall covers vehicles sold or currently registered in Alabama, Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Nevada, New Mexico, Puerto Rico, South Carolina, Texas, Virgin Islands and Utah.

The following vehicles are involved: 2004-2009 Chevrolet Colorado, 2004-2009 GMC Canyon, 2006 Isuzu I-280 and I-350, 2007-2008 I-290 and I-370.

Owners may contact Chevrolet at 800-630-2438, GMC at 866-996-9463 and Isuzu at 800-255-6727.

IF you have been hurt in an accident because of this product defect, call Paul Snow now to discuss your legal rights FREE at 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We represent clients all over Mississippi including Columbus, Clinton, Pearl, Starkvill, and Olive Branch.

August 18, 2009

Rankin County Man Killed In Hit-And-Run Accident


Samuel Sanderford, a 48 year old man, was killed by a hit-and-run driver while he was riding his bike on Hwy. 18 in Rankin County, MS. He was hit by a grey Dodge Dakota pickup truck who fled the scene of the accident. The driver was arrested in Smith County and returned to Rankin County authorities.

Sanderford was thrown 30' after impact which shattered the truck's passenger side window and knocked off the side mirror.

Who can make a claim against whom and why?
The family of Mr. Sanderford can make a claim against the driver of the truck for negligence for causing the accident and his wrongful death. Also, if the driver had no insurance, then an uninsured motorist claim could be made against Mr. Sanderford's insurance company.

Our law firm handles all kind of accident and wrongful death cases including car accidents, truck accidents, motorcycle accidents, hit-and-run accidents and accidents against drunk drivers. We represent clients all over Mississippi including Meridian, Tupelo, Southaven, Vicksburg, and Pascagoula. If you have any questions, call Paul Snow Free to discuss your case at 601-969-1977 or contact us online.

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August 17, 2009

Jackson, MS Man Killed In Car Accident


Jason Lee Burton died just after being transferred to University Medical Center. He was involved in a two vehicle accident that caused his wrongful death. Adrian McMurtry, a passenger in the vehicle, sustained a broken hip and was also take to UMC in Jackson, MS. The 85 year old other driver was treated for injuries.

IF you know of someone who has a wrongful death case and would like to ask some questions, call Mississippi Accident Attorney Paul Snow FREE of charge at 601-969-1977 or contact us online. We represent clients all over MS including Jackson, Gulfport, BIloxi Hattiesburg, and Greenville in all kind of cases including wrongful death.

Information provided by Paul Snow.

August 5, 2009

Legal Malpractice


Legal malpractice can occur in many different ways. It can occur as a result of a missed deadline for filing your lawsuit, failing to properly investigate your case, a botched trial, failure to meet trial deadlines, settling your case for an amount extremely less than what your case is worth, and numerous other scenarios. Not all errors are necessarily malpractice. There are certain risks that arise in the practice of the law. The fact that there was a poor outcome of your case does not necessarily mean that the lawyer can be held liable.

To be held liable, the lawyer must have fallen below the "standard of care." Not only must the lawyer have caused you damages, but your damages must result from the lawyer not following the proper standard of care. The lawyer's actions are measured against other lawyers' actions.

Legal malpractice claims must be filed within a certain time period. If the claims are not filed within these time limits, then the client and/or his/her family will forever lose their right to bring a claim against the lawyer. The Law Offices of Paul Snow have experience in handling legal malpractice claims and work with the finest legal experts to insure that the outcome of these claims are successful.

The last legal malpractice case that i handled involved a young lady who was 38 weeks pregnant. She was involved in a car wreck and was taken to the local hospital by ambulance. After the emergency room doctor determined that the mother was stable, the E/R doctor then just asked the nurse to check the heart rate of the unborn infant. No one consulted with the OB-GYN department to see how to treat the infant. Within a few hours, the mother started bleeding and an ultrasound showed that the infant was in distress. The infant died shortly thereafter.

The family hired a local lawfirm who filed suit against the hospital, but not the E/R doctor. After the time ran out for suing the doctor, the attorney for the hospital filed legal papers in court claiming that the hospital was not liable for any actions of the E/R doctor. It was at this point in time when the lawyers for the family said: "Oh _hit". They realized that they messed-up by not suing the doctor and now it was too late to sue the doctor because the time limit has run out on suing the doctor.

The family was able to settle their claim against the hospital for $235,000 at mediation. Thereafter, the family hired my lawfirm to make a claim for legal malpractice against the first lawfirm for not suing the E/R doctor in the original lawsuit that was filed. After totaling working up the case, including hiring expert witnesses, we were able to settle the claim against the lawfirm for an additional $550,000. The family received a total settlement of $785,000. Part of the first settlement was structured so that the family will be guaranteed payments in the future for everyone in the family.

If you or a loved one believes they were damaged as a result of the legal negligence of a lawyer, contact Paul Snow online or call 601-969-1977 or 1-800-640-4478 to discuss your legal rights.

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August 2, 2009

I-20 Accident Backs Up Traffic For Hours In Jackson, MS


A four-vehicle accident on I-20 Eastbound tied up traffic for hours. A Toyota crossed over from the Westbound lane and hit three other vehicles who were Eastbound. The driver went up the wrong way of the interstate and hit a utility trailer, then an 18 wheeler, and then hit a Toyota Corolla head-on.

Victims were taken to the hospital, but because seat belts were used, the injuries were not serious.

So this is a reminder to buckle up. You never know when someone is going to come out of no where and hit you head on. That seat belt will make the difference of being released from the hospital or being released to the funeral home.

Information provided by Mississippi Accident Lawyer Paul Snow. WE handle all type of accident cases all over Mississippi, including Gulfport, Hattiesburg, Greenville, Meridian, and Tupelo. If you want to discuss your case FREE of charge, call Paul Snow at 601-969-1977 or contact us online.

August 1, 2009

Callaway High School Graduate Dies In One Vehicle Accident In Brandon, Mississippi


Hunter Moore was pronounced dead at the scene of a one vehicle accident on I-20 eastbound near Brandon, MS when he ran off the road and hit a tree. His wife, Cynthia Moore, had to be extracted from the car and was in serious condition at the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson.callaway1.jpg

Our thoughts and prayers go out to the family. My wife graduated from Callaway about 34 years ago.

Many years ago the Mississippi Supreme Court changed the law and allowed one spouse to make a claim against the other spouse for an accident. In this case, Ms. Moore should be able to collect from her own insurance company as a result of her injuries in this accident. The case should be settled without the necessity of filing a lawsuit.

If you know of someone who was injured or killed in an accident with a relative and have some questions, call Paul Snow at 601-969-1977 for a FREE consultation or contact us online.