February 23, 2009



Stork Craft ahs recalled over 500,000 of baby cribs because of a defect in the mattress support brackets could break which may result in a suffocation. The cribs were sold at Kmart, Wal-Mart, J.C. Penney and other retail stores across the country. Also, sales were made online from Costco,Babiesrus, and Amazon.The relevent times of the sales were from may 2000 until jan 2009. For details go to or

Who can make a claim agisnst whom and why? If someone's infant died or was injured as a result of a defective product,then the infant's family has a claim against the manufacturer of the product. In this case the claim would be against Stork Craft for making a defective bracket which allowed the mattress to separate from the bed frame which could cause suffocation. Baby cribs should be made so that an infant cannot get trapped inbetween the mattress and the frame otherwise it is an unsafe product. A MS Accident Lawyer should be consulted to discuss this matter. To see a list of unsafe and/or recalled products you can go to the Consumer Product Safety Commission web site and see a detailed list.


February 22, 2009



Three people were killed in a car/truck accident which happened on Hwy. 57 in George County,MS.  Robert Myrick of Lucedale, the driver of the work truck, and a passenger were killed in the car wreck. Two other passengers received personal injuries and were taken to the local hospital.  Myrick's truck collided with a Hummer SUV driven by Terrance Moore of Biloxi,MS who died at the scene.

Who has a claim against whom and why? If the truck came over into the SUV's lane of travel and caused the accident, then the driver of the SUV has a claim against the driver of the truck. Since this was a County truck, then the County will also be liable for their driver's actions. The passengers in the truck would also have a claim against their driver and the County for their driver's actions in causing the wreck. To take it one step further, suppose the County only had $25,000 of car insurance; could the driver of the SUV collect more than $25,000? The answer is yes, if he had underinsured motorist coverage which is greater than the County's insurance coverage. For example, if the SUV had $100,000 of UM coverage,then his family could collect the $25,000 from the County's insurance and $75,000 from his own UM coverage.($100,000-$25,000=$75,000). The family of the SUV driver could also make a claim against their own insurance company for funeral benefits under the medical pay provisions of the policy.

What if the tire blew out on the truck which contributed to the accident? Then anyone injured or killed would have a claim against the tire mfg. for a defective product under the product liability law of MS.


February 21, 2009

Rankin County Woman Killed In Car Wreck


A 63 year old Pelahatchie, MS woman was killed in a car crash and others received personal injuries in accident that happened on Hwy. 43 in Rankin County, MS. The accident was caused by the driver of a car pulling out in front of the pickup truck who had the right-of-way.

Thumbnail image for pickup truck.jpgA vehicle who is traveling on a highway has the right-of-way over a vehicle who is entering the highway from a side street according to MS law.

Apparently, the driver who was pulling out onto the highway was not paying attention or failed to see what he should have seen,i.e., a pickup truck that was so close as to constitute an immediate hazard.


Who can make a claim in this accident and why? The passenger in the pickup truck can make a claim against the other driver for pulling out in front of the pickup truck;also, if the driver of the pickup truck were speeding, or not paying attention, then a claim can also be made against the driver of the pickup truck;the driver of the pickup truck can make a claim against the driver of the other car;the passengers in the other car can make a claim against their driver and against the driver of the pickup truck if he were speeding or not paying attention. There also may be a claim for underinsured motorist benefits if there were not enough insurance coverage to pay for all of the damages of the injured or killed victims.

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February 20, 2009

Mississippi Traffic Cameras: Good Or Bad


Jackson and Tupelo already have traffic cameras in place; Columbus, Natchez and Southaven are in the process of starting to have cameras installed in their cities in MS. The cameras cannot be put on state owned highways without the permission of MDOT. MDOT denied permission because of liability,legal and security reasons.

Car wrecks in Jackson,MS have greatly decreased since the installation of the cameras at eight different intersections. More than half of the money goes out of state to the company that owns the cameras.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, states that 106,000 crashes, 89,000 injuries, and 1,036 deaths nationally were attributed to running red lights in 2000.

This author has received one of these tickets. I never run red lights. I do make airplane stops sometimes. I looked real close at the closeup picture of my license plate and guess what, you can see that my brake lights are in fact on. I guess my stop was not good enough for the camera. What I found amusing was the video of the camera. You can download a short clip and watch it after you download the software. It appeared to me that the video of the scene was a lot faster than the actual stop at the intersection. I wonder how and why that happened.

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February 19, 2009

Southaven,MS Accident Kills Two Teenage Brothers And Injures Mother


In Hernando,MS a Horn Lake man was convicted of DUI causing permanent injury and two counts of manslaughter after he caused an accident in Southaven,MS. A bench trial was held in DeSoto County, MS.

The defendant faces up to 60 years in jail for the 2007 car wreck.

A MS Injury Lawyer should be consulted to ascertain what avenues of recovery are available to the family of the victims. No amount of money will bring back the brothers,but the responsible parties should not be allowed to get away with this without paying money damages.

Sometimes, a bar or package liquor store or grocery store is also liable to pay damages for contributing to an accident. This is called liquor liability in the legal community. Whoever is responsible for causing or contributing to an accident may have to pay money damages for their part in the accident. If any amount of alcohol is sold to a minor which contributed to an accident, then the alcohol seller may be liable along with the minor for causing the wreck.If the driver is an adult, then the proof has to show that the adult driver was visibly intoxicated and the alcohol provider sold one additional drink to the adult driver in order to prove a case.

Not all lawyers who claim to be experts in the field of accident/injury law realize that there may be a claim against the alcohol seller. If alcohol was involved in your accident, ask your attorney if there is someone else that ya'll can sue to recover damages. We work with other law firms in making claims against businesses who sell alcohol to a driver when they should not. We also teach other law firms how to handle these type of cases at legal seminars where we are speakers.

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February 18, 2009

Vicksburg,MS Woman Killed In Head-On Accident


A Texas couple were sent to the hospital and a Vicksburg resident was killed in an accident on I-20 Friday night near the Bovina exit. The couple were taken to the local hospital with injuries as a result of the accident which was caused when the driver of the other car crossed over the median.

It is not know why the woman driver lost control of her vehicle and hit the other car head-on.

Its always wise to keep a look out for other people driving on the highways. You never know what is going to happen. You must keep a constant lookout for anything and everything to happen. Just when you take your eyes off of the road for a few seconds and BAM you are in a wreck.

I remember one time I was riding as a passenger in a car on Hwy. 49 coming home to Jackson, MS when I noticed a truck coming towards us in our lane of travel. There were two lanes going North and two lanes going South. This truck was going against traffic coming right at us at a high rate of speed. I assumed that my driver would see the truck and pull over into our right lane to avoid a head-on collision. Much to my surprise, my driver was like in a trance and was day-dreaming and not paying attention. When I realized that she didnt see the truck and was not going to move over, I grabbed the steering wheel at the last second and saved our lives. My Guardian Angel must have been in the car with me that day because I just happened to be paying attention at that particular time and location.

A MS Personal Injury Attorney may help you if you have any questions about your accident case. van.jpg

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February 17, 2009



An 5-year-old boy, from Miss., was one of three passengers in a car that left the roadway and hit a culvert in Louisiana.

Murphy Babin was driving a  Mitsubishi  southbound on Hwy. 315 when he turned the vehicle across the center line and exited the northbound travel lane,then went into a ditch, where his vehicle struck a culvert.

Front seat passenger, Tiffany Champange, the mother of the deceased child, received severe injuries; and rear passenger, an 11-year-old girl, also of Ruth, received severe injures and was taken to Chabert Medical Center.

The boy, also seated in the rear of the car, was pronounced dead on the scene. Babin is suspected of using alcohol and blood analysis results are pending from the the Louisiana State Police Crime Lab in Baton Rouge.

Don't drink and drive! How many times have you heard that phrase.Alcohol probably played some part in contributing to this accident and the death of the 5 yr. old boy.What if Babin does not have any car insurance? How can the family of the dead boy make a claim? The answer is UNINSURED MOTORIST COVERAGE. Each policy of car insurance in MS requires that you have uninsured motorist coverage for cases like this one where the driver who caused the accident may not have any car insurance.


February 16, 2009



Demetrica Quenta Scott was awarded $3,000,000 in a trial in Hot Springs, Ark. in a lawsuit over permanent injuries that she received in a near-drowning accident in the hotel swimming pool.The allegations of the complaint were that the hotel was negligent for improperly maintaining its pool. Demetrica dove in and couldn't find her way to the surface because the pool water was too cloudy.

Several people tried to rescue her but were unsuccessful because the water was so murky.She was underwater for over 5-6 minutes and it took the paramedics about 15 minutes to get a vital sign.

The victim suffered severe brain damage via lack of oxygen and now has to be taken care of in a nursing home and cannot communicate with her family.

Brain injuries are the most serious kind of injury because it cost so much to take care of the patient in the future. It is not unusual for the future medical bills and care to run more than $10,000,000.  The last brain injury case that my law firm handled settled for payments adding up to over $16,500,000 guaranteed. The case involved a truck accident where the victim ran into the back of a laundry truck which was on the shoulder of the road.

Not every attorney has the skill,knowledge and experience to obtain the full amount of damages for the brain injured victim. An attorney who specializes in brain injury accidents is required. The MS Accident Lawyer must have a track record of obtaining multi-million settlements. 


February 15, 2009

MDWFP offers free boating safety class


Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks is offering a free boater safety course this spring.

sunken sailboat.jpgThe Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks will offer boater safety courses this spring, with specific dates to be announced. Pre-registration is required, and more information is available by contacting the MDWFP Boater Education Division at 1-800-354-5033.

"Even if you're just going to be riding in a boat with someone these are good classes to have, "Believe me when I say it could save your life."
 The site also has links to qualifying boater safety courses that can be taken online anytime.

Boating accidents can be caused by a number of different reasons,inattention,speed too fast for conditions,untrained driver,driver distraction, driver drinking,and boat defects.

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February 14, 2009

Jackson, MS Accident Kills Two Doctors In Pickup Truck


A unnecessary head-on collision between a Mercedes and a pickup truck caused the truck to burst into flames burning the occupants beyond recognition. An eyewitness saw the driver of the Mercedes cross over the centerline and hit the truck head on. He also said that the Mercedes was speeding.

The heat from the explosion was so hot that it melted the tires on the truck. The impact was so severe that it knocked one of the tires way down the street. Remember that two vehicles going 60 mph that hit head-on is like someone going 120 mph and hitting a tree. One person stated that "horrific" was too light of a word to describe this accident. Local residents heard loud explosions.

Some witnesses reported that the Mercedes was speeding and a Jackson Police cruiser had been following her with its blue lights on. Shortly thereafter, the accident happened.

Was the driver trying to get away from the cops because she had been drinking? Only time will tell after the investigation is completed.If the driver had been drinking and was visibly intoxicated, then the families of the Doctors in the truck may have a claim against the alcohol seller for contributing to the accident. This is what is know as a Dramshop case.

In order to recover in a Dramshop case, the family of the victims must prove that the other driver was visibly intoxicated and that the alcohol provider sold at least one more drink to the other driver who was the one who caused the car wreck. Alcohol is involved in about 40% of the car crashes in MS. Irby car wreck.jpg Irby car wreck1.jpg


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February 13, 2009



Employees of the company involved in the oil spill on the Mississippi River testified that their employer often allowed low-level mariners to work for higher-ranking crew.

1124448_ship.jpg On July 23, a towboat piloted by an inexperienced mate turned the barge into the path of an oncoming ship, casuing  280,000 gallons of fuel to be dumped into the  Mississippi river in New Orleans,LA.

 The pilot assigned to the Mel Oliver towboat, left the vessel days before the accident, leaving an apprentice mate at the helm, but his license prohibited him from steering a towboat without the supervision of a licensed pilot.  Officials at DRD Towing asked apprentice mates to substitute  because the company was short-staffed.   Daigle  warned the owners of DRD Towing that allowing apprentice mates to work unsupervised could cause problems for the company. "If something happens, we're going to get in trouble," he recalled telling DRD Towing executives.  

DRD Towing shut down its operations shortly after the oil spill.  

The Coast Guard will incorporate their testimony into a report meant to determine the cause of the accident and recommend possible sanctions against any of the guilty parties.

When companies try to cut corners like this one,then something usually goes wrong. Luckily, no one was injured or killed in the accident.The company was putting the dollar over safety like many of them do.

Oil Spill Hearings, The Times-Picayune 

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February 12, 2009

Bruce, MS Accident Injures Three


Three Bruce, MS residents were seriously injured in a two vehicle accident at the intersection of Hwy. 32 and 341. A passenger was airlifted to a hospital in Tupelo, MS. The accident caused the GMC to overturn when it was hit by a truck driven by Jack Pastis,Jr.

turned over suv.jpgLooks like speed or failure to keep a proper lookout was the cause of this accident.


Bruce Citizens Injured In Wreck, Calhoun County Journal


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February 11, 2009

Jackson, MS Accident Involves Logging Truck


The driver of an 18 wheeler log truck turned over on I-55 in Jackson, MS causing traffic to stop for hours.This accident happened during rush hour, so why was this truckdriver going so fast that he could not control his big rig in rush hour traffic.

log truck turnover.jpgThe Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations require that all 18 wheeler truckdrivers must reduce their speed and take special precautions where certain hazards exist. I guess this truckdriver was speeding in order to deliver his load so he could make another run because these guys get paid by the amount of runs they make in a day.

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February 10, 2009

Meridian,MS 18 Wheeler Accident Injures New Hampshire Man


Two 18 wheelers were driving side-by-side when one of them rear-ended a man driving a horse-drawn homemade vehicle on Highway 45 near Meridian,MS. It is legal to drive a horse-drawn vehicle on a MS highway. It appears that both 18 wheeler drivers were at fault for causing this accident: either they were going too fast under the circumstances or failed to control their big rig before the accident.

This accident could have been avoided if the big truck in the left lane would have slowed down and let the other truckdriver get over to avoid the collision.

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February 9, 2009

Petal,MS Man Killed In One Vehicle Accident


A Petal,MS man was killed in a one vehicle accident when his car crashed into a pole and then rolled over several times causing him to be ejected along with his passenger. The accident happened at 2:45 a.m. which means to me that he may have been fatigued or may have been drinking.

75579_drunk_driving.jpgThe passenger not only has a claim against the driver for running off of the road,but also has a claim against the alcohol provider if the driver were visibly intoxicated when the alcohol was sold.Cases like this are called "Dram Shop" cases under old English law concerning a dram of beer.

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