April 22, 2009

Gulfport, MS Woman Killed In Car Crash

An 89 year old woman from Gulfport, MS was killed in a car wreck when her husband  made a left turn in front of an oncoming pick up truck. The husband and the driver of the truck were taken to a local hospital.

Who can sue whom and why? The driver of the pickup truck can sue the driver of the car. Can the deceased wife make a claim? Yes, she can make a claim against her husband for negligently causing her death. The tricky part is who gets the insurance proceeds. The wrongful death statute lists all of the wrongful death beneficiaries who are entitled to recover the proceeds. Should the husband be able to recover since he is the one who caused the accident? Mississippi law is vague when it comes to this issue. But, someone in the family should be able to receive the proceeds. This is the reason why people pay for car insurance in case there is an accident. Just because it involves a husband and a wife does not make any difference.

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April 21, 2009

Columbus, MS Airman Causes Accident

An Airman stationed at Columbus Air Force Base caused a wreck when he tried to pass a vehicle who was about to turn left. The airman was driving a Corvette and hit another vehicle when he tried to pass the stopped vehicle waiting to turn left.

Witnesses who live in the area say that the cars always fly up and down that road. The accident happened about 100' from the airbase gate. Looks like the guy driving the Vette was in a hurry to get where he was going. Usually the Air Force investigates all accidents involving airman.

My lawfirm handled a case when two airman were overserved alcohol by the local Holiday Inn; when the bartender kicked them out of the bar for acting drunk, the airman hit an 18 wheeler within five minutes of leaving the bar. Both men were killed. How much trouble would it have been for the bartender to call a cab or not overserve them once they appeared intoxicated? The families settled with the bar after we filed our lawsuit. Numerous accidents are caused because the bar overserved the customer. This is called liquor liability in the legal community or Dram Shop case.

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April 20, 2009

Brandon, MS Resident Dies In Car Crash

An 85 year old Brandon, MS resident died in a car wreck when he lost control of his vehicle and crossed over into oncoming traffic. He first side-swiped a Nissan, then hit a Jeep, then hit a Honda Civic head-on. The drivers of the other vehicles were seriously injured and taken to the University of Mississippi Medical Center in Jackson, MS.

Who can sue whom and why? Anyone who was a driver or passenger who was injured can make a claim against the at fault driver for loosing control of his vehicle. Since it was raining at the time of the accident, there may be a claim against the highway department for failure to properly maintain the highway assuming there were numerous accidents at that particular location and/or something was wrong with the highway which caused hydroplaning  of vehicles. Since the driver was 85 years old, the family who allowed him to drive may be liable if they knew that he was an incompetent driver and allowed him to drive anyway.

Of course, if there were not enough insurance coverage on the at fault driver, then claims could be made against the insurance companies of the injured parties for uninsured motorist and medical pay benefits.

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April 19, 2009

Car Accident Victim Dies At Jackson, MS Hospital

A car accident that happened on the Mississippi River Bridge killed one victim at the scene and another one died at the University Medical Center in Jackson, MS. The car crash involved four cars and the at fault driver was charged with vehicular homicide because he was driving while under the influence.

Who can sue whom and why? The families  of both deceased can sue the driver of the at fault vehicle;also, if they can prove where the driver obtained his alcohol, then they may have a case against that establishment. This is what is known as a Dram Shop case. A dram is about the same size as a large beer. Have you ever heard of the phrase: "watch your P's and Q's?" Well, that came from the old days when the waitress used a chalk board to mark down how much that you had to drink; you either had a pint or a quart; of course, after a few beers, the customer would become drunk and then the waitress would change the P's into a Q's; hence the phrase: watch your P's and Q's.


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April 18, 2009

Columbus, MS Man Airlifted To Tupelo Hospital

A Columbus, MS man was involved in an accident  when his 1998 Ford pick-up lost control and hit a tree. His personal injuries were so bad that he had to be airlifted to the North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo, MS.

The driver had to be cut out of the truck by the emergency responders.pickup truck.jpg 

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April 16, 2009

MSU Students Killed In Accident In Carthage, MS


Two Mississippi State University students were killed in a car crash on March 23 on Highway 25 in Carthage, Leake County, Mississippi. Both were taken to University Medical Center in Jackson, MS where they passed away. One was from Columbus and one from Starkville, MS.

Lyndsi Marie Hill of Columbus was a junior majoring in human sciences. Bradley Kyle Gibson of Starkville was a cum laude graduate of MSU and was a graduate student.

These type of cases are difficult for the family because they have lost a loved one. Sometimes they are mothers, fathers, children,brothers,sisters,aunts,uncles and other relatives. Its never easy.


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April 15, 2009

Lowndes County, MS Teen Killed In Car Wreck


A Lowndes County teen was killed in an accident on March 15th in a one vehicle accident on Highway 69 and five other passengers were injured and taken to a local hospital. It is believed that a seat belt was not used which contributed to the death.

In a wrongful death case, the family may recover damages for lost income that the deceased would have earned during their lifetime had they not been killed, pain and suffering, medical and funeral bills, loss of love, society and companionship and all damages allowed by law for the wrongful death. The family members entitled to recover are the mother,father, brothers and sisters of deceased. Any family member can hire a Mississippi Accident Lawyer to pursue the case on behalf of all family members. If there are no immediate family members, then any relative can open an estate and the estate can proceed with the lawsuit. The wrongful death statute is found at MS Code section  11-7-13 of MS Code of 1972, Annotated.

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April 14, 2009

Columbus, MS Man Killed In Early Morning Accident


On March 22, 2009 at about 3:45 a.m. a Columbus, MS man was killed and two passengers were seriously injured when their Toyota left the highway,struck a culvert and then flipped over throwing all three occupants out of the vehicle. The two injured were taken to the Golden Triangle Hospital. The MHP thinks speed was a factor and that no one was wearing a seat belt since everyone was thrown from the car.

WHO CAN SUE WHOM AND WHY? The driver happened to be a 20 year old minor. Each passenger can make a claim against the driver's insurance company and the owner of the car's insurance company if it is different from the driver. Also, if the driver had been drinking, then a claim can be made against the alcohol provider's insurance company for serving or selling alcohol to a minor. If the seat belts were used and broke during the crash, then a claim can be made against the car manufacturer.

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April 13, 2009

Two Vicksburg, MS Teenagers Killed In Auto Crash


On 3-21-09 two teenagers from Vicksburg, MS were killed in a car crash on I-20 when their Honda Civic lost control and crossed over the centerline and struck a Toyota; thereafter, an 18 wheeler hit both cars.

WHOM CAN SUE WHOM AND WHY? Obviously, the innocent driver can sue the driver of the vehicle who lost control;also, the passenger in the at fault Honda can sue his driver. If the 18 wheeler had enough time within which to stop, but hit the cars anyway, then a claim may also be made against the 18 wheeler company.

There may be other areas of recovery, so if you know of someone who was involved in an accident and received injuries, call Paul Snow to discuss your rights.

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April 12, 2009

Two Killed In Vicksburg, MS Accident

Two people were killed and another injured in a accident on I-20 in Vicksburg, MS which involved three vehicles.The driver of the eastbound vehicle lost control of his car and crossed the median hitting the westbound car and knocking it into an 18 wheeler. Autopsies were performed at the MS Crime Lab in Jackson, MS. Traffic was backed-up into Hinds County.

WHO CAN SUE WHOM AND WHY? The at-fault driver can be sued by the family of the deceased in the other car. Also, the person who was injured in the accident also has a claim against the at-fault driver. If the driver were drinking, then there may be a claim against the bar, grocery store or package liquor store who sold the alcohol to the driver. There may be other avenues of recovery that is why you should talk with a MS Accident Lawyer to discuss all of your options.

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April 11, 2009

Jackson, MS Fifth Grader Killed In Car Accident

 A ten year old girl from Jackson, MS was killed in a one vehicle accident in Yazoo County with her mother and brother being seriously injured. The accident happened on Hwy. 49 when the driver over corrected,lost control and hit a tree. The injured were taken to UMC for treatment of their injuries.

The family of the ten year girl has a claim against the driver of the vehicle for wrongful death. Since the girl's mother was driving, this is what is known in the legal community as a friendly lawsuit. The mother's insurance company would pay the claim based on the careless driving of the mother. The same rules apply to the boy who was injured. He also has a claim against his mother's insurance company for his injuries. The boy would also participate in the recovery of the wrongful death case since that was his sister who was killed. The father, brother and any other siblings would divide the money equally.

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April 10, 2009

Two Killed And Three Injured In Head-On Collision In Leakesville, MS

A small car and a pickup truck hit head-on killing John Hood of Vancleave and Ricks Cooley of Lucedale, MS.Two minors who were riding as passengers in Cooley's vehicle were taken to USB Medical Center in Mobile, AL, and listed in critical condition.

WHO CAN SUE WHOM AND WHY? The driver and passengers of the vehicle that was hit head-on may have a claim against the at-fault driver for negligence. Claims can be made for medical bills,lost income, pain and suffering,permanent injuries,mental distress, and any other damages arising out of the accident. Sometimes there is not enough insurance money to go around, so it is best to call a MS Accident Lawyer as soon as possible so you don't end up with the short end of the stick.

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April 9, 2009

Passenger Killed In Memphis Accident

A passenger riding in a gold car was killed when the driver ran a stop sign and rear-ended another vehicle;but the wreck didn't stop there. The at-fault driver then tried to leave the scene of the accident and ran into an 18 wheeler. There were two children in the car. The car had a Mississippi tag but it didn't match the vehicle that he was driving;memphis wreck.jpg

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April 7, 2009

Veterans May Have Been Exposed To HIV From V.A. Hospital


More than 10,000 veterans may have been exposed to HIV or hepatitis while undergoing colonoscopies and other procedures from improperly cleaned equipment at the V.A. hospital. An investigation has been started to ascertain if any of the equipment was contaminated, whether any veteran has contracted an infection from the unsterilized equipment, and how to prevent problems in the future.

american flag.jpgA spokesman for the V.A. said: "We have an obligation to provide those who have served and sacrificed for our Nation the care they deserve. We are making sure to take corrective measures to ensure veterans have the information and the care necessary to deal with this unacceptable development."  Care? What about some compensation for giving someone HIV from some infected equipment.

This is covered by the Federal Tort Claims Act. There are certain administrative procedures that have to be followed before a lawsuit can be filed against the United States. A federal judge will decide the case without a jury. There are certain deadlines within which a claim must be filed.

If you know of someone who has been injured or killed as a result of negligence of a  government agency, call a MS Accident Lawyer to discuss your options. Don't delay, because time is short to file your claim.

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March 18, 2009


Yamaha Motor Corp. announced that it has agreed to stop selling Rhinos model numbers 450, 660, and 700 until repairs can be made. The Consumer Products Safety Commission has advised all consumers of these UTV's to immediately stop using  them until safety repairs could be made. The Rhino has been alleged to be extremely unstable and lacks features which would help protect the occupants in crashes.
The CPSC has investigated 50 incidents so far, 46 involved deaths with two-thirds involving rollovers at low speeds on level terrain. There are also hundreds of severe injury cases.

The repairs include installation of a spacer on the rear wheels, removal of the rear anti-sway bar, and installation of half doors and passenger handholds to keep passengers arms and legs inside the vehicle during a rollover.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your rollover case with us. We are committed to hiring the best experts in the country to help win your case. These cases are vigorously contested by the maker of these vehicles. Call a MS accident lawyer today to discuss your legal rights. Don't wait until it is too late.