Mississippi Man Killed By Drunk Driver In South Carolina

A drunk driver killed a mississippi man in south carolina around june 18th, 2012 on I-20 Westbound. Lacie Doolittle was driving a 2000 Honda which ran off the right side of the highway and struck Gary Daigle, a 59 year old man from mississippi who was working on his disabled truck. Mr. Daigle was taken to the local hospital, Georgia Health Sciences Medical Center, where he passed away soon thereafter. Criminal charges will be filed against the drunk driver for felony DUI.75579_drunk_driving.jpg

The family of Mr. Daigle can make a claim against the drunk driver;also, they may be able to make a claim against the bar or store who sold the alcohol to the drunk driver. Finally, they may be able to make a uninsured motorist claim and med pay claim.

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