Pascagoula Man Killed As A Result Of An Explosion

A Pascagoula man was killed in an explosion at work at Mississippi Phosphates, a fertilizer plant on Industrial Road in Pascagoula, MS. Jeffrey Simpson died of head trauma according to the autopsy. He was an avid outdoorsman and enjoyed a number of hobbies, especially fishing. Our prayers go out to the family.

I’m sure OSHA will investigate this accident since it happened on the job and resulted in a death. OSHA reports are sometimes hard to get and then they mark out most of the report so you can’t read it too well. It appears that the product that exploded must have had a defect in it. This is known as product liability law. The manufacturer usually puts a name plate on their product which shows who made the product and where the maker is located. It is imperative that a picture of that name plate is taken as soon as possible before it disappears or is lost. A lot of cases against manufacturers are won because the defendant had notice of the problem of a possible explosion and either failed to warn or failed to repair or recall their product. Sometimes there is a defect in the product when it was made which would require that the product be saved to be reviewed by a proper expert witness to determine what caused the explosion.paul snow.jpg

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