Cruise Ship Crashes Off of Tuscany Coast Near Italy

The cruise ship Costa Concordia with passengers and crew of over 4,000 crashed into a rocky reef because the vessel was 2.5 miles off course on friday the 13th, 2012. The island coast of Giglio is known for its rocky sea floor. Six people were killed, twenty were seriously injured and numerous others were unaccounted for. Because the size of the gash of over 160′, the ship must have been moving pretty fast in the water at the time of the disaster.120114092333_Costa_Concordia.jpg
Carnival Corp., a U.S.-based cruise giant,is the parent company who owns the company that caused the accident, Costa Cruises. This is not the first time that this company was involved in a deadly maritime accident. In 2010, the Costa Europa crashed into a pier in Egypt killing three crew members.
Some important questions need to be answered: why was the ship so close to the shore? why was the ship 2.5 miles off course? was the captain eating in the dining room or was he on the bridge? if he was on the bridge, what was he thinking? how fast was the ship moving? why didnt the captain, Francesco Schettino, call in a “mayday” at the time of the incident? why did the crew members tell passengers that everything was fine and there was no danger until the ship started turning over on its side? did the delay make use of some of the lifeboats impossible? why wasn’t the evacuation organized? why were the instructions from the crew contradictory?

There were about 1,000 Italians,500 Germans, 100 French, 126 Americans and other passengers on board at the time plus 1,000 crew members. Some of the passengers told of their account. Mike van Dijk said that he had to scream at the controllers in order to release the lifeboats. Valerie Ananias from Los Angeles told of a couple handing them their baby during all of the frantic confusion. She said that she thought they were going to die at four different times.

Anyone on the ship can make a claim under maritime law for any damages that they received as a result of the accident,either as a passenger or a crew member. The owner of the ship in addition to the owner of the cruise line will be responsible for those damages. Damages may include wrongful death for the families who lost loved ones;or for personal injuries for those who survived the disaster. These damages may include pain and suffering, medical bills , emotional distress, loss of income, loss of the cost of the cruise, any permanent injuries. Because Carnival Corp. is a U.S. corporation, suit may be filed in the United States, if required.

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