Possible Drunk Driver Paralyzes Mother Of Three Children Near Memphis, TN.

On November 14th, 2010, Ms. Kim Armstrong’s life was changed forever because of a drunk driver who rear-ended her vehicle causing her to be paralyzed from the chest down. Ms. Armstrong is the mother of three children;the other driver has a history of driving while drunk. The accident happened in Marshall County, MS as she was slowing down for a stop sign. The at fault driver came over a hill going about 100 mph and rear-ended Ms. Armstrong with such force that the accident severed her spinal cord. Her doctors said that she will never be able to walk again.

Who can make a claim against whom and why? Ms. Armstrong can make a claim against her own insurance company for uninsured motorist benefits since the other driver did not have any insurance;also, she may be able to make a claim against the bar, package liquor store, or grocery where the drunk driver bought his alcohol. This is called liquor liability or “dram shop” liability. The seller of alcohol may be liable if they sold alcohol to a visibly intoxicated customer. So, if Mr. Woods, bought alcohol from an establishment while he was visibly intoxicated, then that establishment may be liable for contributing to the car accident. Of course, it would have to be an establishment that had insurance in order for Ms. Armstrong to try to collect a settlement from them.

The damages for Ms. Armstrong will be substantial. The cost of future medical treatment could exceed $10,000,000 easily. An MS accident injury lawyer who specializes in these types of cases should be consulted to see whether or not there is a case that can be pursued.

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