18 Wheeler Causes Accident In Madison, MS

An 18 wheeler traveling north on I-55 crossed the median and struck a car traveling south on I-55 sending the driver, Crystal Emery to the hospital. Ms. Emery had to be extricated from her vehicle and transported to University Medical Center where she remained in critical condition.18 wheeler.jpg

Ms. Emery can make a claim against the 18 wheeler company for causing this accident. A lot of times these truck drivers work too many hours on the road and fall asleep or drive fatigued which contributes to accidents. If you compare the truck drivers log book to the number of hours that he/she is supposed to work and/or rest, then you can usually determine if they falsified they log books.

We have handled numerous cases where the truck driver falsified his log book in order to make more money by traveling more miles on the highway. This is a known, but tolerated practice by the companies who employ the truck drivers. If the attorney can get proof on the company that they had a practice of letting their truck drivers drive over the limit, then a claim could be made out for punitive damages against the trucking company. Here is a good example of what I am talking about. This 18 wheeler driver lost control of his tractor-trailer rig carrying a load of bananas.bananas.jpg

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Information provided by Mississippi Accident Lawyer Paul Snow.