Mississippi Teenager Killed In Accident In Slidell, Louisiana

David L. Rodrigue, Jr., 16, from Carriere, Mississippi was killed in an accident on I-59 near the intersection of I-12 in Slidell, LA. Mr. Rodrigue was driving a 2002 Toyota Tundra when he lost control of his vehicle, crossed the center line and hit the rear end of an 18 wheeler tractor-trailer rig. Two passengers were taken to the hospital, one was taken to Univeristy Hospital in New Orleans, LA. and the other to Northshore Hospital.75579_drunk_driving.jpg

Alcohol drank by the driver was a factor in the crash according to authorities. Say what? How does a 16 year old get alcohol? If someone like Kroger’s or Super D drugstore sold alcohol to this minor which contributed to this accident, then that business is liable along with the driver for causing the accident and should pay damages for their actions.
That is why we have laws against selling alcohol to minors. They are too young and inexperienced to know the consequences of drinking and driving. The penalty for this young man should not have been “death”, but a small fine. When is it going to stop.

The alcohol companies ads say: “drink responsively”, i say it should be: “sell responsively.” If the company did not illegally sell the alcohol to a minor in the first place, there would be no need to “drink responsively”.

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